Remodelling the global mechanism of food production

It is time that food production starts to work with the environment, and not against it – while finally making healthy and nutritious food accessible and affordable to everyone.

Smart Power Farm – SPF is a technology driven agriculture company.

Our greenhouse based food production system eliminates limiting factors of plant yield without increasing costs and land use while reducing the stress of natural ecosystems. It can grow most plants due to its internal climate control system. The circularity enables a place independent, sustainable, high-yield, low loss, all year around organic food production.

CEO, Malte Binting

Our guiding hypotheses towards an organic, local, sustainable and competitive food production system:

  1. Agricultural production in itself can either be sustainable or financially efficient which means compromising on quality and/or ecological impact. Result: Organic, Nutritious Local Products
  2. Our secondary production line has the function to share or fully transfer CO2, macro-, micro nutritions and excess heat to support the primary production. In addition selected plants and organisms produce a stand-alone product. That makes this supporting layer financially neutral or positive. Result: Competitive Sustainable Products
  3. Integrating technology and process innovation will harmonize the different sub systems and deliver high quality and local products at competitive costs and low ecological impact. Result: Efficient Production On Scale